Imagine what an earlier picture of heart disease could mean.

What if you could see heart disease in its earliest stages?

Caption Care provides accessible cardiac ultrasounds to detect heart disease earlier, when it’s easier and more cost-effective to manage. The result: better patient outcomes, more accurate risk scoring, and reduced downstream costs.

How it works

Identify & Engage

Caption Care identifies eligible patients and engages them to schedule an echocardiogram


Trained Caption Care scanners perform echos in the clinic or home


Cardiologists generate actionable clinical reports, with add-on care management services available as desired

Who we serve

  • ACOs & Value-Based Care Providers
  • Health Plans
  • Employer Benefit Groups
  • Concierge Medicine Providers
  • Gaps Closure, Home Health, & Chronic Care Solutions

Our Impact


Avg. rate of findings consistent with ≥ Stage B heart failure

“The scanner was very professional. Would highly recommend this to everyone.”

— Caption Care patient


Patient Satisfaction Score

What if any healthcare provider could perform an echo in any care setting?

Caption Care is powered by GE HealthCare’s groundbreaking AI guidance and interpretation technology for cardiac ultrasound. We make imaging for early disease detection possible by enabling a broader range of care professionals to perform echocardiograms with AI.

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Our heart’s in the right place

We know your members are the heartbeat of your organization. That’s why Caption Care is transforming the heart disease care journey with convenient, cost-effective echocardiograms when and where patients need them.

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