Would you rather pay for an echo or a hospitalization?

Avoid preventable hospitalizations and reduce costs.

  • Caption Health's breakthrough AI technology enables any healthcare professional to use handheld ultrasound whenever and wherever needed to identify disease and act on it.
  • Ensure your members get the appropriate level of care for their disease state earlier, in more cost-effective sites of care including primary care or other alternative outpatient settings.

Early disease detection at scale.

Caption Care's turnkey solution enables you to:

  • Access a broad network of healthcare workers ready to provide high-quality, lower-cost echocardiograms in locations that are convenient for patients — including directly in the home.
  • Conduct patient risk assessments to inform population health management activities.
  • Offer patient-centered echos for chronic care management in non-acute settings.

Learn how your members and providers can benefit
from AI-guided ultrasound technology.